Tape and Foam Blades


High quality steel products are used in our strip tape bladeFoam manufacturers, upholstery foam manufacturers, industrialfoam manufacturers, cushion manufacturers, automotive industry as well as suppliers, packaging manufacturers, household products, technical industrial products or insulation material in the processing sector, we offer quality and first-class productperformance.

According to all machines on the sponge industry strip tape blades can be produced. Various oral forms used in the horizontal and vertical cutting machine tools division and we are able to produce blades according to the desired size.

In the food sector generates strip tape using quality stainless steel bladesRed meat, white meatbakery products and meetthe needs of the bread cutting.

The desired length, thickness, width dimensions and the blades are produced in the form of combined oral boiling professionalwelding system is provided. The performance of the blade is done smoothly welded precision according to the universal andCNC machines are usedWe can provide a seamless transition by the blade sheath knife found on the machine running the strip.

In addition, the apparatus of the tape blade and knife blade machines can be made in merkezleyicileriIt operates modification of the product life descending studies are among the possibilities.

With professional packaging system is equivalent to imported products. With economic price optionsshort deadlines, lack ofimport and shipping costs are included in our customers great opportunities for them.