1Our company is a family company founded in 1980 in Germany’s Hamburg region, aiming at producing special machine knives and other cutting tools. 

In 1990 our company opened a second plant in Turkey, located in the eastern province of Istanbul. In this plant, more than 70 cutting-tool masters operating on 250 different tool machines, will shape your special or standard cutting-tools.

We are one of the top leaders in our cutting–tools sector. In the field of cutting tools, our company is especially renowned for manufacturing machine knives, precise cutting tools, and for machine spare parts. We stay in tune with all new production technologies, we invest in the best ones, and deliver the performance to our customers.

As a result of our expertise, we are among the very few worldwide to be able to manufacture all kinds of custom-made special cutting tools or spare parts. We are proud to deliver our clients quality cutting tools at a very competitive cost, delivered in a quite short lead time. 

Who uses cutting tools? Most industries use at least one cutting tool, possibly a machine knife, a saw band, or a cutting module. Beginning with paper and cardboard, textile, packaging, food, plastics, vehicles and metalworks as the most frequent users, tens of industrial sectors rely on cutting tools for perfecting their products.

We can manufacture your cutting tool either based on your dimensions and reference product, to your technical project, or based on the original part you supply us with.