Banas Inc, is proud to supply with its cutting tools thousands of customers in all industrial sectors. Our company is acknowledged for its expertise and technical advices, offering practical and innovative solutions to its customers.


Paper and cardboard, foods, packaging, plastics, textile, automotive and metal processing are among the most cutting tools consuming industries. 


The experience and know-hows acquired by Banas during 30 decades are strong assets that benefits its customers supplied with the best value tools for their money.


As a few references, our company is regularly supplying some of the forefront companies in Germany, France and in the US and we make a point at sharing efficiency and innovation with our customers in a long-term and collaborative relation.


Actually we consider any customer presenting his requests and specifications with the same attention, in order to deliver him the product he actually needs for his performance.  


Banas, is developping his exports sales to the Germany, US and french-speaking countries, after recently opening three sales offices in the Germany, US and in France. With this sales organisation our company is available to receive new requests, discuss our options and deliver standard and custom-made cutting tools all around the globe.