Raw Materials


Our company uses Europe and US origin steels as raw material since its establishment. The Company has reached the same quality standarts of its global competitors regarding material selection and production techniques. A variety of 10000 models of machine knives and cutting tools can be manufactured flawlessly in an almost unlimited range of sizes and quantities. With its 200 universal CNC machine park, Banas is a leading company in its industry. 


Considering the Food packaging and surgery industries requirements, we mainly use hardened stainless steel materials to produce high performance industrial knives. Along with knives we can produce metallic filters and wire screens with the same metals. 


In the paper, plastics, packaging, textile, automotive and steel sectors, we mainly use high carbon and high speed steels. We can produce according to your specifications the exact hardness or a specific hardness on a local part.




In some heavy duty applications, preventing wear is needed along with performance: we will apply a diamond layer to your cutting tool. 


We can offer you industrial coating alternatives, according to your specific conditions such as adherence, loss of cutting ability, wear and friction.