Plastic Knives


Banasalso meets the requirements of the plastics and rubber industry as well as for the entire industry. Polyethylene, plastic, rubber, tires manufacturers, plastic bag cutting blades, drilling punch blades, resistance jaws, perforated toothed blades,granular blades, cutting, crushing and grinding blades, cutting dies, oval hole cut male and female blades, pelletizer knives,plastic and razor blades in granular machine that offers cutting apparatus and precision machine parts to its customers.

Blades are manufactured in dimensions and forms are produced with high-alloyed steel. All our products can be applied tocontrolled atmosphere hardening show high performance.

3 dimensional measurement device with the quality control reports 0,002mm (two thousandis engaged in the deliveryaccuracy. Design, design and installation services its customers with professional packaging systems are delivered to the factoryaddress.

Banasmeet their customers' expectations for performance and reliability, and provide access to products with fully equippedservicePrecision grinding after-sales service as offered.