Current Technology Activities | BANAŞ HASSAS TAKIM VE KESİCİ ALETLER İML. A.Ş.

Current Technology Activities

  • Knives produced using CNC processing and sharpening technology are made quality and static with certain size tolerances.


  • The products, which are ready to cut after passing through various tests in a short time, provide you with the opportunity to use them with high performance and economic.


  • Thanks to the technology used, continuity is maintained between the first and thousands of knives and the same quality is maintained.


  • In addition to the sheet metal cutting-processing, heat treatment, chip removal, grinding and sharpening machines in the 100% integrated production facility, there are also special machines for their own purposes with the projects created by the R&D unit.


  • Micro-products can be produced and measured using technological measuring instruments.