Industrial Razor Blade and Glass Knives

INDUSTRIAL razor, glass and fiberglass BLADE PRODUCTION Banas has over 20 years of synthetic fiber and glass fiber industry, glass and porcelain manufacturers, textile and textile products industry, food manufacturers, automotive, paper and foil industry, packaging industry, medical and surgical areas, insulation material manufacturer, granules to be used in the recycling industry manufacturers and produce standard or special requests on industrial razor blades. Geometric shapes according to customer needs can be reflected in the quality measure with precision and sharp blades. The knife cutting edge; single-sided, double-sided, single and double angle grinding, grinding triple facet, twisted, sharp edges and inner and outer convex-concave grinding and sharpening form shapes can be made. The product is equipped with the best steel option for high-performance industrial coatings can also be applied for that extra performance. Strength-enhancing coatings and lubricant, which can be determined according to the customer needs. Performance-based products that are usually for disposable products. By Industry material selection is possible. Foodstuffs use of quality stainless steel is applied for manufacturers. For other sectors of high alloy steel and carbide materials are available. They can also be produced in a more comprehensive product sectors mentioned in the first paragraph. You can also see them in the photos below. We comply with the machine running at high speed blades can operate safely. There are hundreds of customers in this sector. With professional packaging system is equivalent to imported products. With economic price options, short delivery time, and shipping costs in the absence of import customers include great opportunities for them.