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Turkey's first and only factory producing machine tools and cutting blades Banas Inc, continues to support you in every aspect of cutting blades industry. Continuing to gain power with its investments, Banas Inc, has taken its place in the global market with 30 years of rarely achieved experience. Capable of providing dozens of countries with machine blades, precision cutting tools and other products, Banas Inc. has reached high quality standards and the same working conditions and techniques with its competitors in the world market...

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Banas Inc. uses Europe and US origin steels as raw material since its establishment. The Company has reached the same quality standarts of its global competitors regarding matertial selection and production techniques. Flawless produced machine knives and cutting tools are presented at almost unlimited size and quantity. With its 180 universal CNC machine park, Banas Inc. is a leading enterprise in its sector.
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Product Range

Circular Knives, Straight Knives, Special Strengthened Knives, Razor Blades and Perforating Gear Knives are a small section of our product range. In addition to its wide product range, Banas Inc. also produces custom machine knives and cutting tools on the desired extent and form of the customers needs. Makina bıçakları ve kesici aletler konusunda istenilen ölçüde ve formda imalat yapılmaktadır. Dairesel Bıçaklar, Düz Lama Bıçaklar, Özel Formlu Bıçaklar, Perfore Dişli Bıçaklar ve İnce Jilet Bıçakların imalatı
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Field of activity

Kesici aletler, makina bıçakları ve hassas makina parçaları konusunda neredeyse tüm sektöleri kapsayacak ürün grubuna sahiptir. Gıda, kağıt, ambalaj, plastik, tekstil, otomotiv ve çelik söktörlerindeki makina bıçakları imalatıWe produce cutting tools, machine knives and precision machine parts for almost every industry. Banas Inc. manufactures precision cutting equipment for food, paper, packaging, plastics, textile, automotive and steel industry...


BANAŞ Inc. Hassas kesici aletler, makina bıçakları ve makina parçaları üretimiBanas Inc. is a family company established in Hamburg, Germany in 1980, to manufacture precision machine tools and cutting blades.

Since its plant transfer from Germany to Turkey in 1990, Banas Inc. continues to operate in Sakarya Turkey. With 180 universal machines, more than 60 expert personnel and years of knowledge we provide custom and standard products to Turkey and the world market. Banas Inc. always follows new technologies and constantly makes investments in machines and institutional infrastructure. Being the only company making factory production provides great added value and employment to our country. Hence, customers get quality products and fast delivery times for low prices. By supplying hundreds of companies in Turkey, Banas Inc. reduces the need of importing knives and cutting instruments and machinery to very low rates.
Turkey's leading companies always give a positive reference about Banas Inc.
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